About Us

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Since 2009 Kuwait Pharma is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical company in the world regarding performance enhancement medicine production and legal steroid testing and manufacturing.
Our technology is cutting edge and the level of our products are above and beyond the 96% of purity (85% is the requested level for the GMP/CPGP certification) and they are, of course, human grade level products.
Kuwait Pharma is a GMP/CPGP certified laboratory and an ASQ certificated pharmaceutical company with the highest standards and requirements of the industry.
Only the best chemical engineers and the most qualified people are allow to work directly in our production line and our products are studied, researched and tested years upfront before they hit the market.
We strongly believe that quality is better than quantity and therefore our catalog is not very big: we focus on few products to make them the best of the market.

Kuwait Pharma offers medical support and provides products directly to big and mainstream societies in the sport industry which caused the latest rising of the ranking in sport results of Kuwait as a nation.